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Mon Nov 3 11:56:42 EST 2008

Please vote tomorrow - here is a sample ballot. 
For more info on the Amendments, you can go to the Secretary of State's 

Here are the candidates on Tuesday's ballots. An asterisk (*) denotes an 


*U.S. President*
Barack Obama (D); Cynthia McKinney (Green Party); John McCain (R); Chuck 
Baldwin (Constitution); Ralph Nader (I); Ron Paul (Louisiana Taxpayers); 
Gene Amondson (Prohibition); Gloria LaRiva (Socialism and Liberation); 
James Harris (Socialist Workers)

*U.S. Senate *
Richard Fontanesi (L); John Kennedy (R); Mary Landrieu* (D); Jay Patel 
(No party); Robert Stewart (I)

*Constitutional Amendments*
. Amendment No. 1: Term limits for members of state boards and commissions
. Amendment No. 2: Time limits for calling special legislative sessions
. Amendment No. 3: Appointing temporary successors for lawmakers called 
to active military duty
. Amendment No. 4: State severance taxes distributed to parishes
. Amendment No. 5: Transfer of special property tax assessment level
. Amendment No. 6: Resale of certain expropriated property
. Amendment No. 7: Investment of non-pension benefit trusts


*U.S. House of Representatives*
2nd Dist. Democratic runoff: William Jefferson*, Helena Moreno

*Louisiana Supreme Court, Associate Justice*
1st Dist.: Greg Guidry(R); Jimmy Kuhn (R)


*District Attorney*
Leon A. Cannizzaro Jr. (D); Ralph Capitelli (D)

*Criminal District Court*
Sect. F: Yolanda J. King (D); Robin Pittman (D)

*Propositions *
. City Charter amendment: whether to give yet-to-be-written city master 
plan the force of law.

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