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Sarah saraha at gambitweekly.com
Fri Feb 15 14:42:38 EST 2008

my neighbors take theirs to a vet on north rampart and they're happy  
with that office, but I don't know the name of it. I  take my puppy  
to Magazine Street Animal Clinic at Louisiana and Magazine Uptown.  
It's a little far I'll admit, but my best friend recommended them, as  
she'd adopted a puppy a few months earlier and was really happy with  
the clinic. I never have trouble getting an appointment, they're  
fairly small with only three vets, but the quality of care is very  
high, you can tell they are concerned with the health and wellbeing  
of the animals they treat. My puppy and I see Dr. Scott.

Also, I know they offer some types of payment plans as well, though  
I'm not sure about the details. And they have Saturday hours too.

Sarah Andert
Staff Writer
Gambit Weekly
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New Orleans, LA 70119

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