[MarignyBywater] MGZ 24 hour store

sales at jazzyknits.com
Tue Feb 12 12:11:52 EST 2008

I agree with Marie and others that the 24 hour operation of this store 
is in violation of every city code.  There were never any permits 
applied for to change the use from a wholesale/retail bead shop to a 24 
hour grocery/cooked food/liquor store.  Does the health inspector even 
come by there?

If you support this you would also support opening a 100 story hotel 
right?  or a gas station, or a strip club, right in the heart of the 
Marigny, across the street from your house.  So can people try to 
understand the concept of zoning, and neighborhoods, and support this 
petition drive?

No one wants to shut MGZ down completely, but is it too much to ask them 
to follow the rules like other businesses?
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