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Here is something truly distasteful.  People coming from other places to
video our people in one of the worst of situations and then taking advantage
of that for their own gain.  Let's tell these disaster-profiteers we are
done with them and their kind.  See below!

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This is truly awful.  Thanks for bringing it to our attention, Karen.

Martha J. Kegel

*Executive Director*

*UNITY *of Greater New Orleans

*A Collaborative of 60 Agencies***

*Working to End Homelessness***

*Bringing New Orleans Home***

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*To:* Laura Tuggle; Tracie Washington; Davida Finger; Martha Kegel; Marshall
Truehill; Ariella Cohen; Brad Ott; eve troeh; Katy Reckdahl
*Subject:* Street People

To all,



*Street-people.com <http://street-people.com/> bills itself as the online
home for the homeless without the urine smell. Referred by social service
agencies as in bad taste the site features a gallery of street people and
their stories accompanied by belittling commentary from the writer. It's bad
taste style of humor has garnered attention and devoted fans placing it as
cult website. The street team will be in the city taking pictures and
posting new stories about street people from New Orleans April 17-19, 2008.
To follow their tour of the city visit http://www.street-people.com
I am trying to spread this e mail to as many people as I can involved with
issues of homelessness and our at risk and desperate population.

 I am not sure what can be done to prevent this but any group that "pays"
people to mock them is indeed infected with a sickness which far exceeds
anyone living on the street.


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