[MarignyBywater] Modular Shotgun Style Homes in the Historic Marigny

Geoff Coats geoff at urbanconservancy.org
Tue Apr 15 18:58:25 EDT 2008

Hi dbf3rd,

I believe I understand your concern in this case. Nevertheless, I  
think you undermine your own position by over-emphasizing MODULAR HOME  
in all these posts. The method of construction shouldn't be the issue.  
After all, the rather ugly and unimaginative houses presented on the  
Bents Classic Homes web page (http://www.bentshomes.com/) could just  
as easily be build with traditional 2 x 4s and vinyl siding. I know  
because I have one up the street from me.

The real problem is bad design and lack of attention to details: The  
typical problem in modern America -- not just in modular construction.

On the other side of the issue, some creative and talented people are  
doing interesting and substantial projects with modular methods. See  
for example:

Clearly, the modern aesthetic of the Dwell project might not be  
everyone's cup of tea but I think most would agree it is a thoughtful  
and creative (if not fully successful) approach to solving a problem  
of affordability.

So if you are opposed to this particular house proposed for your  
neighborhood, you might want to focus on the specific issues of  
appropriateness that concern you rather than the method of  
construction -- which seems a surrogate for something else.


On Apr 15, 2008, at 8:55 AM, dbf3rd at aol.com wrote:
> 2410 N Rampart Street; Robbie Morgan, owner/applicant; Bents Classic  
> Homes, was deferred for 30 days to problems with the design per HDLC.
> Also, no one showed up to voice PRO/CON's on this issue. The  
> problems are the pitch of the house and other minor problems that  
> Bents Classic has to work out before HDLC will permit a MODULAR HOME  
> in the Marigny.
> If you are concerned about this issue of modular homes, please contact
> 1340 Poydras St St 1152, NO LA 70112
> or FAX
> 504.658.3802 attention Elliot Perkins.
> Go to Bents Classic Homes www site and view there product.
> Faxes and letters are considered in this matter, as most of us have  
> to work for a living.
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