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Dear Otis: 
I was just wondering, if you don't already, if you would consider carrying my book, The Statue of Pan, while my play, Someone Bought the House on the Island, runs at the Marigny Theatre beginning May 2. 
Below are (1) a press release about the play and (2) a press release about the book.
Thanks, Ken 
PS Please let everyone know about the play. 

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The Marigny Theater announces the world premiere 
of Someone Bought the House on the Island: A Dream in Two Acts
by Ken Anderson, Winner of the 2008 Saints & Sinners Playwriting Contest.
A young gay caretaker gradually becomes involved in a cultish menage a cinq.
Dates: May 2-11, 2008.
Venue: The Marigny Theatre, 1030 Marigny Street, New Orleans LA 70117. 
Tickets: $25.
Box Office:  504-218-8559
or marignytheatre at yahoo.com
or http://marignytheatre.org/
Director: Shannon O. Williams.
Producer: Timm Holt. 
“Both erotic and romantic, a rare achievement.” 
Richard Gould
Contact: Shannon Williams, Director
Phone: 504.390.0710
Email: shannonowilliams at gmail.com
Marigny Theatre
1030 Marigny Street
New Orleans LA 70117
Phone: 504-218-8559
marignytheatre at yahoo.com
STARbooks announces the release of The Statue of Pan by Ken Anderson, winner of the 2008 Saints and Sinners Playwriting Contest and former finalist in the Independent Publisher Book Awards.

Two men lost in a snowstorm, a forensic psychiatrist and the man who stabs him, a well-adjusted music student and a sexually repressed tennis player, a former college quarterback and the twin of his former lover, a handsome escort and the client who hires him, a murderer and his trick, a music professor and a student with a foot fetish, a chicken hawk and a suicidal hillbilly, as well as the crazy crowds at Mardi Gras in New Orleans— these are just some of the exotic colors in the rainbow of characters arcing through this provocative psychological study. 
“When you live in a cold world,” one character says, “you have to build your own fire. Right?” See who can strike the spark in The Statue of Pan.
ISBN-10: 1934187143            ISBN-13:  978-1934187142               $18.95 US.      350 pp.
Distributed by PDC in the United States and Canada, Bulldog Books in Australia, and Turnaround in the United Kingdom. Nominated for the Ippys. 
STARbooks Press
Eric Summers, Editor
PO Box 711612
Herndon VA 20171 USA                   
Phone: 703-856-5542
Fax: 413-895-5542
Email: webinfo at starbookspress.com  
PDC Sales Manager
Phone: (800) 464-4574 
Outside the US and Canada (212) 209-5170
Fax: (212) 242-1344
Email: info at pdcdist.com 
Mail: 245 W. 17th St., Suite 1200  New York, NY 10011


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