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If that's the case, it's better than high-rise condos. 

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...except that it isnt a chicken processing plant. as their name implies (New
Orleans Cold Storage) its a cold storage facility for flash-freezing exports
-- the chickens are already processed and packaged when they get trucked in,
they get frozen, and ship out.
not saying i love the idea, but thats something entirely different from a
chicken processing plant.


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The two Times Picayune (April 7, 2008) articles below should be of interest
to all Marigny & Bywater residents.  
The article below addresses redevelopment of the river front:
The article below indicates that a chicken processing plant is in the mix for
the river front in the French Quarter/Marigny neighborhoods at the Gov.
Nichols / Esplanade warfs.
My Comment:  If we think a few condos along the river front would be a
problem blocking the view of the river, that could be the least of it.  
Years ago, I audited a chicken processing plant; those were quick
audits----the smell was a real stomach churner.  I nearly vomited each time I
pulled into their parking lot!  
With a chicken processing plant operating at the foot of Elysian Fields and
Esplanade Avenue, businesses in  the French Quarter and Marigny may well have
to provide barf-bags for their customers and residents will
need clothes pins for their noses!   Daily prayers will go up that the
wind does not blow our way.  
To get a general idea of the aroma, stand next to a trash can filled with
spoiled crawfish;  now try eating a sandwich while standing there!
Great, huh?
Scott Graves


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