[MarignyBywater] hate-mailers?

C Diniz ccdiniz at DinizDesign.com
Thu Jul 26 17:03:23 EDT 2007

  I still don't get why you hate-mailers think it's necessary to decribe the victims RACE. 
Hate-mailers?  Could you please provide the proof of any hate mail on this list?  I for one would
be the first to condemn it, as would most (if not all) on this list....I've found our Marigny list to be
instructive, helpful, funny, sad, and everything in between.....and at the times when I've most needed
Crime is a serious issue in our city, and those of us who have chosen to remain and help the city
rebuild need to KNOW what's going on in our neighborhoods.  I thank the person(s) who regularly
provide crime statistics and details to our list.
I treasure the diversity of our neighborhood and I want our city to retain its artsy, quirky, and
sometimes downright obstinate characteristics.....but the criminals.....well, they have got to go.
p.s.  GO SAINTS!
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