[MarignyBywater] Washington Square crackhead takeover

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Thu Jul 12 14:04:05 EDT 2007

What about the Guardian Angels?  Are they still around? 

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  The current situation at Washington Square is intolerable. Homeless people
are climbing the fence at night and camping in it, and during the day it is
occupied by alcoholics, drug dealers, prostitutes, and vagrants. The children
of the Marigny and Bywater are gone, replaced by people that harass
park-goers with demands for money and taunts to residents that frequent it. 
  The motor scooter police officers that made sweeps through the square are
gone. Alcholic beverages in the park are illegal. Prostitution in the square
is illegal. Sleeping in the square is illegal.
Myself with other adjacent residents are dismayed by the conditions at the
park. Some individual have been defecating and urinating in the children's
  It seems without NOPD intervention that fire and the sword are our only
alternative to this cancer on Washington Square. Call James Carter and demand
-Daniel Bugg

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