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In essence, not bad...

 ...but when it was over: The Essence Festival concluded Saturday with what
seemed like fewer crimes than normal last week. But the Marigny Triangle--at
the opposite end of the 8th District from most of the festivities--was
walloped with 3 armed robberies over the weekend.

On Friday night (7.6.07) at 11:50 p.m., a 20-year-old black guy was sitting
on the steps of his house on Frenchmen Street at N. Rampart Street, talking
on his cellphone. A black man coming down Frenchman started to pass him,
then turned back, pulled a semi-automatic .45 from under a beige and red
towel, and pointed it at the victim's head. He demanded the victim hang up
the phone, empty his pockets and give him his wallet. The victim complied,
and when the perpetrator laid down his gun while rifling through the wallet
with both hands, the victim ran off. But then he turned around and followed
the perpetrator to Elysian Fields Avenue, where the perpetrator went into
Gene's Po'boys at St. Claude Avenue. The victim ran across Elysian Fields
and flagged down a 5th District cop car which responded immediately and
apprehended the perpetrator as he exited the po'boy shop.

Arrested was Patrick Jones, 31, whose last know address was on Old Gentilly
Road. He has a history of arrests for possession of marijuana and heroin. He
was arrested in December, 2005 as a felon in possession of a firearm and was
out on $21,000 bond, awaiting his next court hearing on July 18 this year.
His bond for this latest arrest was set at $125,000 and he's sitting in OPP.

On Sunday morning (7.8.07) at 1:28 a.m., there was an armed robbery at Touro
and Royal streets, in which police arrested a suspect. The police report is
not yet available.

On Sunday night (7.8.07) at 7 p.m., there was an armed robbery at Dauphine
and Frenchmen streets. The robber is still at large. The police report is
not yet available.

Car crimes abound: Car thefts and car burglaries are getting out of hand,
despite 8th District NOPD officers managing to arrest a couple of car
thieves and another couple of car burglars. But those perpetrators didn't
seem to be the cause of the car crime wave: There were 12 cars stolen in the
8th District last week (from 7.1.07 to 7.7.07), with 3 of them on the last
day of Essence Festival on Saturday--plus another 6 on Sunday (7.8.07) and a
carjacking, all in the CBD.

A 29-year-old black woman lost her brand new 2007 Nissan Maxima in the
carjacking in the 500 block of O'Keefe Street at 1:07 a.m. Sunday when a
black guy ran out of the parking lot across the street as she was returning
to her car. He demanded her keys, which she dropped into his hand, and he
fled in the tan car with temporary Louisiana tags up O'Keefe, stopping at
Lafayette Street to pick up his accomplice before continuing down O'Keefe
toward Poydras Street.

There were 13 car burglaries in that time too. (My own car was vandalized
again too--for the 7th time in as many years...I know: "Welcome to the
French Quarter...").

The cops arrested one guy for a car break-in on Thursday ( 6.28.07) in the
300 block of Burgundy Street, then scored a "2 fer" on Thursday (7.5.07)
when they arrived on the scene of a car burglary reported in progress in the
900 block of Poydras Street at 2:33 a.m. They found a Chevy Trail Blazer
with the passenger-side window broken out and a black man fitting the
description a witness reported crawling out of the rear door of the vehicle
with items from in it. When officers searched the suspect's pockets, they
found a checkbook and credit card taken from another vehicle that had been
broken into in the 500 block of Julia Street earlier in the evening.

They booked Ernest Arceneaux, 42, with one count each of simple burglary and
criminal damage under $500 and two counts of possession of stolen property.
Back in 1995, the suspect pled guilty to pursesnatching and was given a
10-year sentence as a second-time offender. In 2003, the suspect pled guilty
to simple burglary when the DA agreed not to charge him as a multiple
offender; he was sentenced to 5 years in prison.

By my calendar, he shouldn't have been out to commit the 2003 crime, nor
have been out to wander through the CBD last Thursday morning. I know, I
know--"time off for good behavior". What, so they can return to bad behavior
on the outside? We worry about judges or the DA cutting guys loose early
before prosecuting them; we should be worrying about guys who are convicted
and are out early walking amongst us. Let's see what Eddie Jordan does this
time; I'm tired of my car being broken into--aren't you?

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Thom Kahler

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