[MarignyBywater] Fwd: Free Shopping Spree for Needleworkers and Stitchers Who Lost Their “Stashes”

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Mon Oct 16 11:02:25 EDT 2006

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> Date: Mon, 16 Oct 2006 01:03:12 -0000
> Subject: [katrina_support_group] Free Shopping Spree for  
> Needleworkers and Stitchers Who Lost Their “Stashes”
> Free Shopping Spree for Needleworkers and Stitchers Who Lost Their  
> "Stashes" in Katrina
> Hosted by Accents Inc. Fine Needle Art & Framing in Metairie LA
> On Sunday, October 22nd from 12:00 Noon until 6:00 pm Accents Inc. at
> 3501 Severn Ave, Ste 1B in Metairie LA be giving away over six vans  
> full
> of donated stitching supplies to local and Gulf Coast residents who  
> lost
> their stitchery stashes to Hurricane Katrina or Hurricane Rita.
> Everyone who lost all or part of their stitching supplies due to the
> flooding or winds of Katrina or Rita is welcome to come and shop  
> through
> the many boxes of items that have been donated from stitchers all  
> across
> our country. Accents Inc. has collected a wealth of books, kits
> (needlepoint, crewel, stamped, counted, etc), fabric, fabric items to
> stitch on (bookmarks, towels, etc), and tons of accessories. The
> giveaway will be handled on a first come first served basis. Please
> bring a shopping bag or two to take your treasures home!
> Accents Inc. previously sponsored a similar giveaway in March of 2006
> and that event was quite successful. Gaye Horton of Accents Inc. is
> excited about their second event and encourages spreading the word of
> their stash giveaway to local and Gulf Coast residents who need to
> replace their stitchery supplies. You can email Gayle at
> gayle at accentsinc.com <mailto:gayle at accentsinc.com> if you need more
> information.
> As a little lagniappe Accents Inc. is offering a door prize drawing  
> for
> a table-top Ott Lamp on the day of the giveaway.
> Additionally all stitchers are invited to shop during the last hour of
> the free Shopping Spree, from 5 pm to 6pm, whether or not their
> stitching supplies were damaged by Katrina or Rita.
> Accents Inc. is located inside Galerie Severn at 3501 Severn Ave Suite
> 1B between Lakeside Shopping Center and West Esplanade Ave.
> Accents Inc.
> 3501 Severn Avenue, Ste 1B
> Metairie LA 70002-3459
> (504) 888-5361
> Open Tuesday – Saturday 10 am. To 5:00 pm.
> Or on the web at www.accentsinc.com <http://www.accentsinc.com>
> Hope to see you there!

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